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Virginia washbasin support base with 2 doors and drawer featuring assisted closing system. In the picture in slate grey finish for the 95 base with Liberty ceramic washbasin, Olivia in white/silver mirror and chrome accessories for Mosaico knobs and Elettra led lamp. You can also create an interesting effect with the Emma wall-mounted cupboard in contrasting finishes. The perfect solution for a contemporary bathroom!

Virginia 95 base – Dim. L 90 x P 44/51x H 60 Cm
Ceramic washbasin Liberty – Dim. L 75 x P 46,5/55 Cm
Olivia white silver finished mirror – Dim. L 90 x H 70 Cm

Options: It’s possible to choose a different finish from our just in time delivery, standard selection. Also, you can opt only for the base + washbasin with knobs set; and choose the mirror, lamp and complements & accessories of your preference.

All EBAN products are the result of craftsmanship and therefore can be subject to color variations.The shades of the Products may vary from one lot to another, but also within the same production batch, and this according to the fact that the Products are made of raw materials for which a variation of tonality is usual and usual; any color differences are therefore not to be considered defects but rather peculiarities and characteristics of the Products themselves. The degree of polishing and any other processing of the material may not be identical between the different objects, even within the same production batch. They may occur between products of the same color and / or different objects / codes, any differences in thickness, surface processing (sanding) and tonality. The images are for the sole purpose of providing an orientation view of the Product. The colors and workings of the materials represented must be considered as general and approximate indications of the Product and not binding with respect to the product / s delivered.

Eban uses exclusively timber from certified and controlled forests, according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. In this way we assure the protection and conservation of endangered wild plant and animal species.

The year-long experience in the solid wood coating, the ongoing research of innovative solutions and new materials, have driven Eban among the market leaders when it comes to bathroom furniture. The choice of using water-based varnishes assures the maximum reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Finishing options can be open pore, semi-gloss, transparent, in different shades and essences; all rigorously water-based and low toxicity impact.

Natural Stone: Differences in shades, tiny holes and grains more or less evident represent a typical feature of natural stone, showing the naturalness of the product. Although treated, the stone tends to absorb liquids through its microscopic porosity; this feature exposes it to the risk of substances absorption that could stain it (eg varnishes, cosmetics, perfumes, shaving foam, etc.). The limestone water itself causes the formation of opaque haloes under the polishing, so we suggest to dry the top right after the use. A good and constant maintenance, without overusing unsuitable soaps or detergents, preserves the brilliance of the stone tops. Cleaning instructions: we recommend warm water and mild marseille soap to be used with a soft cloth; over time, we suggest to renew the protection using of a stain resistant and water repellent product. Technical stone top: Comes as a compound of granules, natural stones, cements and polyester resins. Its features are similar to those of the natural stone and hence it requires the same constant and careful maintenance. Cleaning instructions: we recommend the use of water and neutral detergents (marseille soap is perfect). Avoid direct contact with cosmetics, perfume, shaving foam and aggressive products for bath cleaning, in order to prevent the surface matting or any stains. Quartz stone top: Is a surface composed by 92 – 94% of pure natural quartz (one of the strongest materials nature offers) to which you add 5-7% of fine polyester resin polymer or natural high quality and 1% pigments. These elements are compacted for under-vacuum vibro-tamping, in order to obtain a remarkably durable material. A compact, high hardness, almost zero porosity product and so liquids-proof as well ; the absence of pores on the surface prevents bacteria proliferation and so it represents a natural bacteriostatic. Extremely resistant to shocks, abrasions, stains and thermal swings. Easiness of maintenance and care: a soft cloth and usual neutral detergents. Contact with acids is to be avoided.

Natural inorganic compound material, it does not require special care in cleaning and use. Clean with a soft cloth or a non-abrasive sponge

Ebantech: acrylic based compound resin, shatterproof, unsurpassed resistance to aging, flatness and high quality surface in double finish, glossy or matte. Excellent resistance to dilute acids and alkaline substances; limited resistance to organic solvents. Operating temperature up to 80 ° c. For cleaning you can use all range of products available on the market; avoid prolonged contact with ketones. 
Our glass tops come from polished edges processing and without overflow. We use water coloring, with polyurethane protection.WARNING: for the assembly use only NEUTRAL NON ACETIC SILICON.To avoid breaking or scratches to the paint, use extreme caution when handling and during the installation operations. When installing taps, trap and drain do not create tensions in the sink /top through excessive clutching. Always insert the silicone gasket between the metal parts and the glass in order to avoid the formation of cracks and the breaking of the glass. Avoid dropping blunt objects or placing warm objects on the glass (do not exceed 40° thermal shock). Cleaning instructions: Use a soft cloth with water and mild detergent; solvents and abrasives are to be avoided.
The wood is naturally safe in the bathroom and for contact with water, yet still needs special precautions. First we recommend avoiding prolonged contact with water to avoid deteriorating the protecting paint of the furniture. Clean the painted surfaces with a damp cloth and a neutral non-abrasive detergent. Since the paint is water-based, all alcohol-based products and solvents in general are absolutely to avoid. Beware of perfumes, shaving foam and other alcohol-containing products. It is recommended to dry the furniture after using.


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