We are pleased to inform you that on Monday the 4th of May, our company will re-open, obviously with all possible cautions and the utmost respect for all safety protocols.

Knobs style

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How to make the most of a piece of furniture or a bathroom furniture complement? Easy, just point on the right accessories like knobs that become precious and enrich in an instant your environment. The choice is wide, you can indulge yourself with stylish jewel knobs equipped with rhinestones, classic ceramic or contemporary in chrome and gold super chic.

Ingrid Special

An evergreen collection that never goes out of fashion, it’s incredibly chic…just like a #panamahat, don’t miss the opportunity to buy it!

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Il mio mobile bagno firmato Eban

Usa lo spazio sottostante per descriverlo …ad esempio quale dimensione; la tipologia sospeso o con piedi; il colore ecc...

Following the frequent questions we have received, we are informed that there is no limitation with regard to the transport of goods, so they will be regularly shipped.

If you would like to talk with us for help to complete your order or to have some style tips, we are at your disposal Mon-Fri 10:30 am-18:30 pm (Customer care available in Italian, French, Spanish and German.)