Bathroom in White

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While decorating your daily environments, the choice of color often becomes a “big deal”, sometimes bringing uncertainties and afterthoughts. In fact colors are not just a matter of taste and there is even a “color psychology” that demonstrates their real power! Eban, aware of this, offers a palette rich in chromatic shades, able to enhance your bathroom furniture and meeting your wishes and demands.

Bathroom in White immediately evokes the idea of cleaning, hygiene and brightness… and which shade more than Pure White can be guarantee of this? Flawless and pure, it can be the color star in a Nordic style bathroom, or it can stand in contrast with vivid colored walls or with a patterned wallpaper, or it can smooth along with liquid and pastel tones. You can also choose between “relative” whites as Decapé or Pearly . Be only careful not to exceed with the all-too-white, in order not to tire eyes or communicate coldness.

Ingrid Special

An evergreen collection that never goes out of fashion, it’s incredibly chic…just like a #panamahat, don’t miss the opportunity to buy it!

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