Which are the colours and the finishes for a precious and charming bath?

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In the design of the spaces, the choice of the colour is a frequently an important moment and could create uncertainty. The colour is a only a question of taste, but there is also a “psychology of colours” that prove which is their power! Eban knows this and is able to offer you a rich palette di chromatic suggestions, that can enhance your furniture and answer to your preferences. The white is the most appreciate; you can choice between the absolute white and “relatives” white, Like the Decapé or the Perly. Then move on neutral tones , like Pergamon, Fune or Tortora, this tones are capable to enter in a ambience with discretion, but also can express their character. The grey both slate grey or silk, leave spaces to creativity in all the rest of the room, and is really appreciated for the capacity to stay with different colours or oddities accessorize and with romantic liking. Also black is very precious and is perfect to stand out with a geometric or optical fantasy, or to realize a compelling Black&White effect. Tundra Moka Nut: three tones the can conquer you with their natural intensity, that doesn’t cover but shows all the essence of wood. Perfect in a scene where the light colours and their solidity dominate and they could be embellished by the frivolity of an accessorize. Most appreciate are also gold and silver, classic and contemporary, rich and essential, perfect to give that touch of light and elegance, to make the ambience of the bathroom really “precious”. The innovates: forgot the usually concept of chromatic always bound to red and green, in the bathroom we propose Red fire and British Green, dense and exciting, perfect to communicate intensity, harmony and equilibrium. A furniture in this tones could give the best if is in an ambience where the light tones dominate. The natural essence is taking more space giving the opportunity to see the most pure features of wood and his natural essence. At the look and the touch you can see the natural roughage of the tree: the stripes, the nodes, the pores. The game of vertical and horizontal veins become a decoration, giving more aesthetics to the furniture.

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