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Accessorizing your bathroom !

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Your bathroom is a special room which can hold and reveal personality thanks to its accessories as well. Trends today show a preference for functional but decorative objects, for details that are useful but carefully chosen to add style, playing with harmonies and contrasts. And you’re free, no fixed rules, a minimal object can stay in an ultra refined environment, as well as a classic-romantic item winks to a contemporary setting. Here are some tips you can discover within Eban catalogue pages. If you love the latest generation, you can choose all “Combi+ Eban Tech” accessories. Imagine them on a cabinet of contemporary lines or, opposite, of more traditional ones, or imagine them placed in an intense color background enhancing their pure white, simplicity and lightness.

Got a passion for retro romantic dreamy style? Then Victoria will seduce you with its refined ceramic and metal elements, the touch of gold and silver, and all the beauty of the manufacture, from the handle to the chandelier. Definitely a feminine choice but to which “he” won’t say No!

Do you wish an accessory shining with its own light? So enjoy the little magic of Osiride: its refined design, its central rhinestones frieze, created to furnish with elegance bathroom spaces. From ceiling light to the applique to the soap holder, it is perfect to amplify the effect already spread by rich furnishings or to disseminate precious light in a sober style room.

We have other “strategies” to decorate our bathroom, hints that may bring a further chic touch. For example, a handle with a particular shape or manufacture, or even a knob can’t pass unnoticed: metal or ceramic, geometric or whimsical lines, floral decorations or even a mongolfiera!

In addition to these catalogue proposal, you can add a further personal touch to the bathroom; for example, hanging family photos on the wall, or placing an object recalling a special memory or a trip souvenir or an object you fell in love with at an antiques or flea market… why not?

Ingrid Special

An evergreen collection that never goes out of fashion, it’s incredibly chic…just like a #panamahat, don’t miss the opportunity to buy it!

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