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Current times claim practicality and adaptability, and we respond with functional and versatile collections. They feature these characteristics even in their lines: curvy and smooth or rigid and rectangular. Gioia & Letizia propose washbasin support bases with doors, doors and drawers/basket with assited closing mechanisms. They feature a practical opening and come in two versions: wall-mounted and with feet,
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Chic & Romantic
If you don't want to keep your feet on the ground, there's Virginia with her wall-mounted washbasin support base. On the other hand, there is Rachele, a must-have and most wanted among our proposals. As for the complements and accessories, there's a wealth of choice that will embellish the scene adding a functional and charming touch.
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Folk & Boho
Do you love setting free your creativity by harmonizing different styles, chic/classic/modern, and matching furniture, complements and accessories in your own way? Then Style, Ingrid, Simona and Pamela collections are perfect for you and your eclectic bathroom, always sober and minimalist... but not too much!
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The choice of the ceramic countertop washbasin displays personality and decisiveness. If you are fond of soft and curvy shapes, then Sonia will seduce you with her elegant but never excessive style and her wide washbasins: the most glamorous choice for your bathroom.
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Keyword: essentiality, 100% made in Italy. Proposals designed to decorate the bathroom in a simple way keeping an eye on convenience. The attention is focused on the wall-mounted washbasin support bases with a linear and sober style with assisted closing mechanism.
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Mix & Match
To add comfort and practicality to the spaces without setting aside our love for design and the personal touch! There are no limits to the compositions you can create with the furniture and accessories. Look, choose and you’re done!

Wood passion

If your heart beats for Wood, then you are in the right place. “Open pore” wood is waiting for you; its natural purity, essences, shapes and shades are ready to decorate your bathroom.


Since the begining of our story in 1970, we’ve worked thinking of a path to share with you. When you choose us, you choose the artisan heart, the value of a hand-crafted piece of furniture with the tradition of the past and today’s knowledge. Its streaks, knots, pores become spontaneous decorations; its solid fibre defies time.

Our core values…an Eban
lasts forever!

When you choose us, you choose wood, our material, our essence. We love it and we give it the chance to express its natural beauty and usefulness so that it can interpret the style of your bathroom freely.Our furnishings are a synonym of Quality. They are a solid presence you can trust; they are born to last and to be with you day after day. And as we walk the road, we respond to change with the research and experimentation of productive, functional and aesthetic solutions in harmony with the new stories that time tells. And finally, it is important for us to keep a promise: Fulfill your desires. And we do it by listening to you, doing our utmost to indulge your taste and needs.We put at your service our greatest versatility and ability to personalize every “bathroom project” in order for it to be unique.


From reserch to development and from the design to the processing, each phase in the creative and production cycles is strictly supervised and followed attentively.


Sustainability is a responsibility,even a mission. This is why Eban chooses to use exclusively water-based paints, which are not harmful to workers, end-users or the environment.


Eban also chooses renewable energy and the necessary power is supplied to it by its photovoltaic plant. This highly-advanced technology ensures maximum levels of safety, control and eco-compatibility.


Eban uses exclusively timber from certified and controlled forests, according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. In this way we assure the protection and conservation of endangered wild plant and animal species.


Tutti i mobili Eban posseggono quella genuina solidità e naturale bellezza della terra nella quale nascono. Rappresentano l’essenza e il valore della tradizione italiana.